With the latest outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are desperately looking for ways to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. One of the topmost concerns of being safe in this pandemic-like situation is to keep yourself immune from the deadly “Novel Coronavirus.” While you might be eating healthy and doing routine exercises, there are additional steps needed to upgrade your overall immunity levels effectively.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and its theories going on all around, the experts suggest that those with poor immunity –especially adults above 60 years of age and young kids below 10 years of age, should remain extra cautious. In addition to self-quarantining oneself, extra care in the form of taking relevant immunity boosters or supplements could help you out. Whether it is about following a specific diet or taking supplements, boosting your immunity should be at the topmost priority on your list of taking care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ways to Boost Your Overall Immunity

While the mere idea of boosting your immunity might appear enticing, it is recommended to follow the necessary steps properly to be assured of the best results. The immune system of the body is precisely not a single entity. If you wish the immunity system of your body to function well, you would be required to ensure proper balance & harmony into the same. Researchers keep looking for effective ways to boost immunity that not only safeguards you against the current health concerns of the globe but also helps you to ensure longevity altogether.

For your ease, we have summed up a few important pointers to help you improve your immunity instantly & effectively: 

  • Ensuring Low-Carb Nutrition: There is ample evidence that reveals the health benefits of a low-carb diet. More than ever, it has become highly imperative now to follow a low-carb diet that not only serves beneficial for your fitness but also boosts the overall health & well-being. The eating pattern that you are following now should be focused on providing the essential nourishment while keeping your blood sugar levels & weight in check.

    As per a recent study report, it has been revealed that those with diabetes & other metabolic conditions are at a higher risk of developing COVID-19. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that low-carb foods or ketogenic diets can help in treating as well as reversing the respective metabolic conditions.  Another study revealed that following a keto diet helped in reducing the risks of developing influenza in mice samples. While the results might not be clear enough in the case of humans, it is well-proven that weight loss & improved metabolic health can improve the overall immune system.

  • Intake of Ample Vitamin D: Serving both as vitamin & a hormone, Vitamin D is a determinant of good health. In case you are deficient in vitamin D, there are higher chances of staying healthy once you start taking proper vitamin D supplements. Moreover, it can also help in minimizing the risks of developing COVID-19.

    You can consider sitting in ample sunlight –the natural source of abundant vitamin D. you should fix a proper schedule to receive ample sunlight –during the early hours of the morning preferably. Another great source of vitamin D is the supplement.

  • Consuming Turmeric: Turmeric is known for its wide range of health benefits. While it is a common spice found in most kitchens, it is a power-pack of abundant health benefits –,, especially its anti-inflammatory & anti-viral properties. “Curcumin” –the yellow-colored compound found in turmeric attributes to most of the health benefits of this magical spice.

    You can consider adding a pinch of turmeric to your daily meals or even warm milk to obtain its medical benefits. In case you have a specific medical condition, then you should consult your physician before taking the same.

  • Lots of Fruits, Veggies, & Seeds: Consuming lots of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds is a common suggestion towards improving your immunity. As per a recent study, it was revealed that the elderly who consumed more fruits & veggies on a daily basis had better immunity & responded well to the pneumonia vaccinations.

    While most of the fruits & veggies could be attributed to boosting your immunity, some of the healthy options are garlic, ginger, black pepper, green, leafy vegetables, juicy fruits, and nuts.

  • Avoiding Refined Carbs & Sugars: Lab-based studies have revealed that consuming too much sugar could impair the WBCs (White Blood Cells) in the body. At the same time, an increase in blood sugar levels could contribute to making your body prone to infections and multiple diseases. Therefore, it makes complete sense to minimize your overall intake of refined sugars to help your body stay disease-free.


Ensure that your immunity is strong enough to help you go through the tough moments of the current pandemic situation.

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